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Wee baby steps

August 2, 2016
My dissertation title has changed, again!! I’ve decided to revise it to better reflect the evolution of my project. Space and landscape are no longer the central themes; my new title reflects my new focus on pragmatic literacy. And the new title is:

A Documentary History of Death:
Custom, memory, and literate practices in colonial Ireland, 1272-1307

In other news…there is no other news, really, just a handful of wee baby steps. But enough wee baby steps do add up to significant progress, right? I’ve tackled my reading stacks, and that feels pretty damn good. I’m embarking on the first full draft of my Introduction, and I’ll need loads of good mojo for that – introductions are really tricky!! But I think it will help me to better connect my remaining chapters to each other in a consistent and coherent way, and maybe…just maybe…a central argument will emerge…one day. Progress is still quite slow, and I often get overwhelmed with everything that’s on my plate – dissertation, internship, job applications, home administration, making time for family and friends. This is the main reason why I’ve neglected this wee bloggie; when I have a spare moment, it’s often spent meditating or reading. But one amazing perk of my internship is, I’ve found the perfect reading spot beside two Monet paintings. It’s inspiring, it’s peaceful, and it’s productive. And so, off I go. I’ll try to record my progress a little more frequently, but to be honest it’s pretty low on my list of priorities. I have decided that this will be the year I graduate. This will be the year I tack a ‘Ph.D.’ at the end of my name. This will be the year I land my dream job. Huzzah!!
Update 08/25/16: Advisor no. 1 found my title problematic, and the reasons he gave me made perfect sense. And so I’ve arrived at this:

Dying in medieval Dublin:
Custom, social memory, and literate practices in the reign of Edward I

(highly likely to change again, of course!)

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